Kids Travel Chalk Mats

Our chalk mats are a great entertainer for the kids. Ideal to take to cafes, restaurants, camping, long trips by car or plane.

You will be amazed with your child’s creativity and calmness as they occupy themselves with their mat. It builds their creativity and self confidence. All mats are made with a polyester / PVC matting and covered with A+ grade quilting fabrics.

Each mat is approximately 50 cm x 50 cm, so it takes up only their table space in front of them.

Mats comes with 1 x 12 packet of coloured chalk and 1 x 12 packet of white chalk, along with duster and care instructions, rolled up for easy travel.

Our mats are also machine washable on a gentle cycle or you can just use a wet cloth or disposable wet one if out and about.

Happy drawing kids….

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