Sling Bags - Small

Sling Bags are just another name for bags that you like to place over your head and wear across your body.

We at Eumundi Kids have been making these for several years when we primarily made bags and bags only, then known as Eumund Slings and things.

Due to popularity of our bags, we have put a small line together of our sling bags, both small and large style. Small for the shoulder and larger if you wish to wear over head and across the body or simply just on shoulder. All our lengths are set lengths so please check our sizes before ordering.

Each sling bag is made from either upholstery fabrics, soft furnishing fabrics or cotton…. This will be noted on each item.

Bags all consist of a toggle button for easy closer and two internal side pockets for items such as mobile phone, sunglasses, keys.

All of our bags are machine washable and great to take shopping, casual outing or beach.

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