Our Beach Ball Covers were originally made to order for a local indoor soccer club called Kiddies Kick Soccer (2 to 5 years old) based in Noosa Heads.

As you know, kids are rough when it comes to beach balls and we all know that plastic beach balls pop easily and split at the seams taking the fun completely out of the day.

By having a cover which is made out of fabric, made to cover the entire Beach Ball, adds years of life to your ball. You will find it will stay inflated much longer than it would if not in a cover. It’s been over 2 years and ours is still inflated…. Believe it or not.

These are easily inflated by mouth, deflate easy for packing and taking on holidays, whether local / overseas or just friends / family.
Just pack in suitcase or bag and you will have a ball where ever you go.

You don’t have to remove Beach Ball from cover to pack, just deflate to take with you.

All covers are machine washable and can be used in the pool and will last for years.

Each cover comes with a 60 cm Beach Ball, instructions and packaged in organza bag. Beach balls can be purchased anywhere if ever required.

Beach Ball - Black White Dots with Yellow Panels

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